Awesome Bounce is aimed at maximum fun, and whilst we have awesome staff to ensure
everyone gets a fair go, it is an un-supervised play area.

So parents, have a great time but keep an eye on your children at all times please.

  • All participants must wear socks at all times!
  • All under 5’s must wear the provided wrist band – NO WRISTBAND, NO
  • All measures are taken to provide a safe environment but all visitors enter
    and play at their own risk.
  • Please leave your hats, jewellery, watches etc at home.
  • Any instructions given by AWESOME BOUNCE staff must be followed at all
  • Awesome Bounce is not responsible for your safety or injuries that may occur
    from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment.
  • Socks must be worn at all times – NO SOCKS, NO PLAY!


Children using the equipment must be supervised by a Parent/Carer at all times.
Awesome Bounce rules must be followed. Customers should note that whilst we take care to
ensure our clients enjoyment and safety, injuries can occur whilst using play

Management does not accept any liability for any injury however caused whilst using
any of the equipment or amenities.

By entering into Awesome Bounce, you acknowledge and agree to this condition.